Letters to my son :: Happy Birthday, my love.

My dear son,

Today you turn five. And my heart swells with pride looking at the spirited and kind soul you are becoming with each day.

I don't have much to give you on your birthday. Except words. And some learning that my life's experiences have imprinted on me. I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to call it wisdom. As parents we want to be considered wise in the eyes of our children. But sometimes, looking at you, I realise you're wise too, in your own way. Your life is taking care of that, bringing to you your own set of experiences.

Like yesterday, when we went to the beach. I saw you writing your name on the sand. And just as you'd be done writing it, the waves would come and wash it away. First you were baffled, then frustrated, and finally angry. It broke my heart and I wanted to help you. But I also wanted to see what you do next. And then I noticed that with every attempt you moved further up the slope of the beach, writing your name bigger and bolder every time. Until you had reached far enough for the waves to wash it. You stood there, looking at the waves, victorious and happy.

And that is why I have no wisdom to offer you. Because I can see you earning your own. But my gift to you is this. Whenever in life you need to be reminded of that day on the beach and the wisdom it brought you, I would be right there.

Life is like that too. Sometimes it will come at you as formidable as waves, and wash away what you have built with all your love and dedication.

It will break your heart. But please know that that's life's way of pushing you to strive harder. Because it knows you have it in you. That you will keep moving up the slope until you're high enough for the waves to reach you. And also, I hope you learn not to hold it against the waves. Because while they ruin your effort, they also provide you with a clean slate to start afresh with.

And as long as you have a clean slate and a spirit to never give up, all will be fine.

So keep at it my son, never give up. Because there is only as high as the waves can go.

Happy Birthday, my boy!

Your Mother.


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