Day 63 :: #100HappyDays


Day 63

When I first met, Alok Ji, Laxmi and Ashish Ji, of the Stop Acid Attack organization, the first thing that struck me was, how cool and how grounded they were. I guess I was expecting someone turned bitter without recourse – because of how the world has treated them and how it is now just being a silent spectator in their journey to rehabilitation, when clearly the world owes them so much more.

But they are the most positive people I have ever met. Some people are so pure, so beautiful inside, that when you’re with them, your bleak view of the world starts to evaporate and from underneath, a better, more promising view of the world starts to shine through.

The team is now in Udaipur – the city of lakes. To launch their new Sheroes Cafe there. If you are in Udaipur, or happen to visit it ever, please do visit Sheroes Cafe as well.

Trust me, I do not exaggerate one bit, when I say this – you will come back as a better, happier version of yourself.

All the best Team Sheroes. Love now and forever.


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