Day 60 :: #100HappyDays


Day 60

Don’t worry, I hadn’t forgotten about the series. It’s just that travelling and a few other events got in the way. The last few days have, in fact been, so fabulous, that I would need to write separate blog posts about it, to capture all its awesomeness.

But today’s post comes on many other accounts. Everywhere I look today, I am seeing hard work and dedication of friends and fellow authors bearing fruit.

Kanchana Banerjee revealed the glorious cover of her upcoming book yesterday. Sriram Subramanian ‘s much awaited Rain has hit the Amazon stands. Ayan Pal is in Bangalore currently promoting his debut novel. And I am busy sending invites for my online cover launch and the book launch event in Delhi.

There is so much activity – good, positive activity happening all around me, writing wise. And on top of that the weather is just too good to be true.

Result, is a ‪#‎happy‬ me.


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