Day 56 :: #100HappyDays


Day 56

‪#‎LettersToMySon‬ series was planned as a promotional activity for my upcoming novel ‪#‎InTheLightOfDarkness‬.

But as I started writing these pieces, they took a life of their own. When I shared these with my writer friends for brainstorming and feedback, the response that I received further boosted my confidence in these write-ups.

The thing is, writing anything isn’t easy. But writing something that needs you to bare your soul, share with the world what you may never have had a chance to share with yourself yet, is not an easy thing to do. The letters were drafted. Trashed. Drafted again. Reviewed. Edited. Reviewed again. Until, I knew they reflected the inner functioning of my mind like a sparkling clean mirror. And that was a such a therapeutic moment.

But what has been the most uplifting in this whole process, is the way my friends have come together in helping me share these letters, make them reach places and audiences, I didn’t even imagine I ever could.

I wouldn’t tag you and create additional notification hassles for your all. But you know who you are. And please also know, that I am grateful for all your love, support and encouragement. 🙂

PS- Readers, you may catch the latest letter here…



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