Cotton and The Monsoons : How my myth got busted

Monsoons and cottons aren’t a good combination. That’s what I have always heard from my mother and grandmother. And coming from a long generation of saree- connoisseurs, I too have been living with that myth. However, very recently I discovered how wrong I, and they too, have been all along.

Here is how.

I was in my balcony, just when my next door neighbour stepped out to dry her laundry. First up, was the saree that the lady of the house loves to wear; and I thought, “She still wears cotton in monsoons?”.  The vision of the lady’s lavender saree fluttering in the breeze, contrasting with a gray monsoon sky, and the soft fragrance of her fabric conditioner, lingered on with me as I went about my day.

I just had to find out how she managed wearing that fabric in this weather. Curious about what I did next? I went to the lady to get my answers and here is what she said:

“Yes!! Cottons are totally ‘in’ during monsoon – especially the Kota Doria fabric, the one she most usually wears. Kota Doria Sarees make an ideal monsoon wear.  And here’s why.

  1. The fabric’s square checks weave makes it super easy to dry as the air passes in through the checked pours.
  2. Unlike synthetics, they don’t retain the musty damp smell
  3. Easy to wash without any hassles
  4. Soak in the starch water well and again dry faster
  5. Even faded look gives it a distinct beauty so you need not worry about the fading colors.
  6. It’s light in weight as compared to other fabrics. So if you’re drenched in the rain, by any chance, you aren’t inconvenienced by your saree.
  7. Machine wash with fabric conditioner works magically on it during monsoons.
  8. If she had it her way, everything she wore would be in Kota Doriya cotton this monsoon.

These reasons were compelling enough for me to go on a Kota Doria shopping binge!  So I fired up my laptop and went on a Google Search rampage. Though I was familiar with Jaypore and Craftsvilla, I wanted to try some new site this time. And no I had no patience for sites like Amazon and Jabong that didn’t understand or specialize in telling me more about what I wanted. So I hit this wonderful site and its name itself made me curious.  Pulpypapaya. Unusual and creative names often reflect in creative and unique products too, in my experience.

I clicked on it and I was transported to a magical saree land! It’s an amazing place. I won’t throw in any spoilers by explaining what the site has. I request you to go through it. I bought few block printed Kota Doria sarees from them. Yes. If you know me, you know what a saree fiend I am. I never buy just one!

Will post you more about the ordered products once I get them. And yes, cottons and monsoons it is! If you disagree, feel free to discuss it further. I am sure I will end up convincing you of it, too. ☺

Pulpypapaya Kota Doria Sarees

Buy Kota Doria Sarees Online For Women 2016-07-26 15-25-16


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