Day 50 :: #100HappyDays


Day 50!!

Halfway through! Yaaaay!! And you know what that tells me?…That whenever I look back on this year, there would at least be 50 wonderful moments of bliss and gratitude, waiting for me… to make me smile, to make me ‪#‎thankful‬ all over again. Events that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of as momentous, and maybe even forgotten completely about…had it not been for this documentation.

Like this morning.

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Like when you get a writer’s block, on account for having stayed away from your story and mostly in bed, for almost two weeks. And had it not been for the writer’s block, I would have never went out for a walk at 5:30 a.m. I’m just not that person.

But today I did. The weather seemed to reward me generously for my fortitude 😉 With pleasant breeze and a soft drizzle that settles on your shoulders like snow. And the colors! What pretty colors everywhere I looked; flowers, leaves all freshly rain washed.

And then of course there was Yanni, keeping me company… his music wafting up in the air and making the morning spiff up even more. And guess what? Ailing me of my writer’s block!

Listen to this and tell me that this would do that kind of a magic to you… 🙂


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