Day 49 :: #100HappyDays


Day 49

Someone told me that naming your work is like naming your child. That is how exciting, significant and memorable a moment it is.

I would say, that while it is all that no doubts, it is also hair-splittingly confusing, often frustrating and mind-numbingly tiring.

The problem is not deciding what you want to call your work; in my case my debut novel which comes out next month. The problem is that you want to call it so many things, all at the same time. All names fit. And yet they don’t. All explain the core sentiment of your writing so well. And yet they fall short.

Then there are other challenges you must overcome.

At least when you are naming your child, you don’t need to worry about things like genre, pull-factor or even the fact that that name has been taken up by someone, already. (Although now that I think of it, the latter condition would make the world so much more interesting. One single, unique name for everyone! Is that even possible? I sure hope it were… Okay, here I go digressing again)

Anyway, back to the subject. So after you’ve come up with a never ending list of options for the name of your novel…brainstormed over each one of those… scratched 90% of them, reintroduced a few, back into the mix… prayed to the Gods of this world and that, to end your quandary… and lost quite a few nails and hair in the process (Nope! No kilos…I wish! Au contraire, picked up a few thanks to all that nervous binging on chocolates)… you still have no end in sight.

Until one day, one beautiful, blessed, propitious day, you look at a name… and Voila!! You are in love.

You know it is the perfect one. You know it says all that you want to say and yet not say it all and kill the interest. You know it’s the kind of name, which will make the reader go, ‘Aaaaah! That’s why!’ when he/she finishes the book. You know it is the name which you want marked forever on the product of your labor of love.

Friends, Indians, Countrymen… it gives me great pleasure to share with you the name of my upcoming debut novel – In The Light Of Darkness. 😀

To be published by Readomania and released in mid-August.

Keep watching this space for more!!! 😀



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