Step out!

F#PlacesWeOnceVisited :: Memories we visit often

( A photo series for Instagram)



Where : #malakkara near #chengannur in #kerala, India.

When : Sometime last July.

Why : We spent two months last year, in a small town called Malakkara in Kerala. That too, in the rainiest months of the year. It rained 20 hours out of the 24. And when it poured, it fell thick as sheets. So one had to stay cooped up in one’s room.

But the silver lining was that every once in a while, when it did stop, the sky would still be so overcast and the breeze so pleasant that one could step out for a refreshing walk even during noon.

So here we are at a post lunch walk.
Right across the road from where we were staying, tiny lanes like these wound their way across sweeps and sweeps of paddy fields and led one into another smaller town called #arattupuzha. That is where we usually went.

The houses that lined up these roads had huge gardens… with banana, jackfruit and nutmeg trees… cardamom and black pepper plants…and more often than not an eldery resident slumbering on an arm chair or a chataii while a female sat nearby picking rice for the evenimg meal. Smiles were exchaged as as and when our eyes met. Sometimes conversations were struck too. Thankfully, as long as you speak English you don’t need to worry about communication problems in Kerala.

How lovely is it, to be in a strange land and still not feel like an outsider. To meet people and connect, just like that…no innuendos and no reasons.

But I think the walks were the loveliest for our then almost three year old son. He would run behind goats and play with dogs and feed the pigeons and chase the butterflies…a first of a kind experience for him.

There is so much the world around us has to offer…beauty, love, new experiences… If only we step out every once in a while. Out of our homes…our comfort zones…our frames of mind. Ideally, all of them.

There will always be reasons, not to. It will either be too cold, to hot or too wet. That’s life. But every once in a while, the weather will ease up on you. Give you a chance to step out.

The question is..are you going to take it??


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