Frozen, with a warm afterglow

#PlacesWeOnceVisited :: Memories we revisit often

(A photo series for Instagram)



Where: At a juncture near Placa De Catalunya and La Rambla
When: 5th November, 2009; sometime later than 11:00 p.m.

Why: You might wonder, why make this the first picture of the series?

It is extremely grainy; we were too tired to even adjust the settings on the camera. But still, we had to step out, right after checking into the hotel. At 11:00 p.m. in the night. When it was 10 degrees outside and we still hadn’t unpacked most of our warm clothes.

Then why the urgency, you ask?

We had just landed in Barcelona on our way to our honeymoon destination Ibiza. The months long craziness before the wedding, the even crazier but beautiful wedding, the post-wedding shenanigans, seeing off the relatives, the frantic packing and the flight which was too much to take for the fatigued and vertigo-stricken bride…everything had finally settled down. We needed that moment to matter. And we needed good food instead of the boring room service. We were so close to #larambla that we were quite sure we would find a good joint open. Turned out we were wrong. We ended up having the first meal of our honeymoon at…surprise, surprise… McDonalds!
But it didn’t matter.

As we walked back we sat by this fountain for a while and finished our coffees. The chilly air ran through the fountain and turned misty before it came and settled on our cheeks. We were frozen silly. But again, it didn’t matter.

And as we sat there, I think for the first time it started to sink in.
That how many things cease to matter, when you finally have, what matters to you the most.
I remember us sitting there for as long as the coffee could help us fight the cold.
And I remember us smiling. A lot.

And that is why although the picture is grainy, it doesn’t matter. The memory is very clear and sharp.

PS- Please ignore how red those shoes look. I assure you it’s the light playing tricks with a rather acceptable shade of red. 😀


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