Day 27 :: #100HappyDays


Day 27

“There is as little virtue in being loyal to everyone, if not lesser, as is in being disloyal to everyone.” – RMT

This quote from a year ago popped up in my Facebook memories this morning.

I remember vividly the day I had posted it. Me and my husband were having a discussion about a few people in our lives. It had made me wonder. Are people really that confused between being spineless and being diplomatic. Or is ‘diplomacy’ just a convenient euphemism to use? Do these people really think they are fooling anyone with their antics? I do not rule out the applicability of diplomacy in certain situations. Yes. Life demands that, sometimes. But it never demands you to be spineless.

I have a simple logic, here. Without a spine, we cannot stand. Without being able to stand on our two feet, we wouldn’t have been able to evolve as the superior beings like we have, from our primate ancestors. So in essence, isn’t this spine pretty much an integral part of what makes us humans? And do I need to spell out more clearly, as to what not using a spine makes people, then? 😉

Unfortunately, standing up sometimes makes you stand out. And in the world we live in, that isn’t always considered a virtue. The world is more in favor of sticking with everyone, even if they are wrong. They find comfort in numbers. They hide their insecurities behind majorities. And that is where the concept of confused loyalties takes form. For some people, thank goodness. Not for all.

And that’s what I am ‪#‎happy‬ about and ‪#‎thankful‬ for today.

For having people in my life who have a spine and use it too, and don’t judge me for using mine. For people who know the difference between loyalty and sycophancy – Loyalty wishes you well genuinely, brown-nosing just wants to please you for milking you at some point in life.

For being fortunate enough to have realized in life that I do not need loyalties of those who are loyal to every one, because in truth they are loyal to none.

Yes. It has been a #happy day. And I am #thankful for all that it came with.:)


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