Day 23 :: #100HappyDays


Day 23

So the ‘Happy Days’ series had to take a break, on account of the fact that we were travelling. But thankfully, happiness didn’t. In fact, it only got cranked up a few notches, precisely on account of the fact that we were travelling. And to meet family, no less. 🙂

Mumbai isn’t a city we like much. So that did put a bit of a dent in our happiness. My husband isn’t a big fan of the place. And my son too, decreed the moment he stepped on Mumbai’s land- ‘I no like Mumvy’ – thanks to the suffocating humidity and sweltering heat that ambushed us, a new experience for him.

Navi Mumbai is a little better, I consoled my husband, and prayed that I am right, as our car sped eastwards on the Thane Creek Bridge. That is how I remembered it at least, from my last visit almost eleven years ago. To me, Vashi (Navi Mumbai) was almost reminiscent of Pune, one of my favorite cities. But it had been a long eleven years. Years, wherein a lot had happened. Years, during which a lot had changed.

But when we reached home, I realized none of that really mattered. The humidity, the famous Mumbai pollution, the sweltering heat and the long gap of eleven years notwithstanding, that house felt like home.

That’s the thing about family. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been gone. Coming back is always effortless, fun, and rejuvenating.

What ensued was a whole week full of conversations that ran all night and still weren’t complete; heated discussions over politics and current affairs punctuated with coffee and snack breaks; specially cooked lip smacking food which, you knew tasted that amazing only because of the company you had. And laughter. Crazy. Non Stop. Often pointless. But always rambunctiously loud!

Thanks Sunder Sharma, Sharda Sharma, Sarika Sharma, Mayank Sharma, Muneesh Sharma and Divya Sharma 🙂

Yes. It has been a ‪#‎happy‬ last couple of days. And I am ‪#‎thankful‬ for all that it came with. 🙂


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