Day 19 :: #100HappyDays


Day 19

Some relationships are inexplicably beautiful. They are different from all the others, even though you can’t quite put a finger on why. That is the kind of relationship I am celebrating today with my dear friend Richa Srivastava‘s birthday today.

Richa and Mujtaba‘s friendship goes way back. In fact, to call her a friend would be wrong. She is his rakhi-sister. And if you want to see how strong that brother-sister bond is, you should see how much they fight! Half the time I don’t even know why. (Pssst: I assure you, they don’t know either :P)

Anyway, over the years, Richa and I have gotten close. Perhaps, even closer than she and my husband are. I call her my soul-sister. She was the first one to read my manuscript, although the lazy bum that she is. she never did quite finish it. She took my first ever autograph on the first ever book to carry my name as an author. Meer calls her Boo (Short for Bua) a name reserved only for her. And she calls him Boo ka Bandar. You should see them; they are so adorable, when with each other.

And that’s what I am ‪#‎happy‬ about, and ‪#‎thankful‬ for, today.

For having her in our life. For the wonderful person that she is. For all the fights she has with Mujtaba which makes her gravitate more towards me 😛 For all the fights I have with her, which has only made our bond much stronger. For the lovely bond of Boo with her Bandar, which is truly one of a kind.

Yes. It has been a #happy day. And I am #thankful for all that it came with. 🙂

Although, some birthday cake would have made it even better, Richa!


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