Day 16 :: #100HappyDays


Day 16

I still remember that day two years ago, when someone told us that there is a Baskin Robbins outlet a few kilometres further down the highway, from where live. We had just moved to Unchahar a few weeks ago, summer was at its peak, and the junk food addict in us used to daily post-dinner icecream was battling severe withdrawal symptoms. And then someone said the magic words “There is a Baskin Robbins, five minutes drive away”. They were the sweetest words we had heard in a long time.

And that’s what I ‪#‎happy‬ about and ‪#‎thankful‬ for today.

For finding a BR outlet, our elixir vitae, on s place where you have to even pre-book brown bread with the shopwala bhaiya, if you want one loaf reserved for you. For ice creams which makes braving this heat possible, even worth it. And of course for our ‘who gives a damn about the calories’ attitude, which takes the guilt out of all the binging we do unabashedly.

Yes. It has been a #Happy day. And I am #Thankful for all that it came with.:)

Radhika Maira Tabrez - Writer's photo.

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