Day 9 :: #100HappyDays



Day 9

THNKMKT Magazine’s March issue carries my article on acid attack survivors. When I was asked to write this article, I was a little apprehensive. What approach should I take? What should be the predominant emotion? Anger, towards the perpetrator of such crimes? Shame, over how the society has repeatedly failed these victims? Disappointment, over how the legislative, judiciary and executive, have all been asleep at the switch?

But by the time I finished my research and sat down to write, I knew there could only be one emotion that I could, I should write it with. Hope. That’s the gist of all the stories I read, stories of these strong and exemplary women.

And that’s what I am #happy about, and #thankful for, today.

For the resilience which these survivors have shown in the face of unimaginable suffering. For the indefatigable human spirit, which never ceases to surprise us with what it can do. For the buoyant hope, with which these women have picked up the shattered pieces of their horrible pasts and built the beautiful mosaic of their lives. And for having received this opportunity in the form of this article to celebrate all that these wonderful people stand for.

Yes. It has been a #Happy day. And I am #Thankful for all it came with. 🙂

PS- This post is two days late, because WordPress was acting up a bit. Sorry.





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