Day 8 :: #100HappyDays

Day 8
To be asked for your opinion on anything, to be even considered to have enough subject matter expertise so that you can render one, is an honor. Of the many things that we earn in our lifetime – money, fame, power – perhaps, nothing is as elusive as earning the respect for our opinions. It takes hard work, honesty and persistence. Good thing is, even if you don’t have fame, money or power, but you are respected for your opinions, you don’t miss the other things much. Conversely, if you haven’t earned that privilege then even all the power fame and money doesn’t mean a thing. It’s a indeed very interesting concept.
This morning a friend sent me her story to share my feedback on. We do that a lot. I send my friends my work and they send me theirs. And behind all this back and forth of ideas is a firm belief that your opinion will be valued and that you value their opinion. It’s a mutual admiration society, really, with a highly efficient output. Believe me, I have thrown my whole plot line out of the window because someone whose opinion I value highly said it won’t work. And she was right!
And that’s what I am #Happy about, and #Thankful for today.
For people who value my opinion and make me feel like I can contribute to their good work. For people whose opinions I value (you know who you are). For the fantastic work which, emerges out of such interactions, peer reviewed and polished to perfection with all these thought exchanges. For knowing that even if we never earn the popular trifecta – power, fame, and money – we have at least earned this.
Yes. It has been a #Happy day. And I am #Thankful for all it came with. 🙂

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