Day 7 :: #100HappyDays

Day 7
Today I am happy about two things. Firstly, that today I complete one whole week of this challenge. And if you don’t get why that makes me ecstatic, you clearly don’t know the sloth and slacker in me well enough.
But I am also happy about the fact that today is #WorldBookDay.
And true to the spirit of this day, I did spend the whole day reading. Okay, it was my own manuscript which I was reading but it still counts, doesn’t it? I just finished the first round of developmental edits on my MS. (I hope! my editor’s and publisher’s verdict awaited :0)
You write a story and mentally pat your back at how well you’ve written it. You then send it to a publisher and if lady luck thinks she owes you a solid, you get an acceptance. That firms up your narcissistic belief that you have indeed done a splendid job with the script. Then sometime later, you get their feedback. When you open that document the first time, your head spins. Because the whole thing, post suggestions and edits, looks redder than that scene in Red Wedding (GOT, Season 3, ep 9…come’on, you know which scene I am talking about.)
But once you’ve regained composure and start working on those suggestion, it dawns on you, this is why you need an editor. Especially one, like mine, who can follow your drift, even when you’re not quite sure you have one. Fifteen nervous days and over-caffeinated nights later, you realize that now your script is finally ready (or at least close). I have to say, it’s a writing experience like no other. To outdo what you thought was clearly your best work. To push the envelope and redefine your limits as a writer. To know that you’re on that final leg of your journey as a novelist. To feel that nervousness make you giddy and yet that excitement egg you on.
And that is what I am #Happy about, and #Thankful for, today.
For the confidence I now feel, looking at my baby that I have nurtured over the last two years. For the discerning eyes and able hands I now pass it on to. For finding the right people who stand by my work. And for coffee!! I am very, very, VERY thankful to coffee, for never letting me down, especially these past few days.
Yes. It has been a #Happy day. And I am #Thankful for all it came with. 🙂

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