Day 6 :: #100HappyDays


Day 6

This isn’t a happy post, strictly speaking. The world of music lost another gem, yesterday. Prince. Yet another irreparable loss.

And then earlier today, a news popped up on my screen. “Niagara Falls turn Purple to honor Prince.” Now, what really happened was that the Niagara Falls was all lit up in purple, to celebrate the Queen turning 90. But, a few hours after that when the news of Prince’s death spread, his fans fired up the social media with the claims that it was in remembrance of Prince. Some of the fans then took it a step further and started posting pictures of Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building lit up in purple, all over the social media. The pictures were of course fake, but the sentiment behind it was very real and, I must say to me at least, endearing. NASA, not to be left behind, then posted a very real and a very enthralling picture of a purple nebula on twitter.

And that’s the story of how the world got drenched, once again, in Purple Rain.

And that is what I am #Happy about, and #Thankful for today.

For artists like Prince, who carved their own niche. For fans who found a way to celebrate his music and his legacy in an unusual and innovative way, quite symbolic of the artist himself. For art, of any kind, which once created never dies.For patrons of that art, who do not let it die, nurture it, preserve it, long after the artist is gone – sometimes with even more reverence and fervor that they did while he was living. For the immortality of artists who have touched the lives of their fans in more ways than they would ever know. For the pain of loosing someone, that reminds us how blessed and important it is to ‘live’, while we still can.

Yes. It has been a Good day. And I am #Thankful for all it came with.

Let’s have it once again… Purple Rain


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