Day 3 :: #100HappyDays


Day 3

My laziness and absolute disregard for any kind of a schedule is legendary. Especially since I became a stay-home mom. I used that license to take things to a level that the sloth in me could have only dreamed of, otherwise. So therefore, when I take up any task/challenge, like this one, which needs timeliness and a routine, it is kind of a big deal for me.

Almost as if in keeping with the famous adage ‘Fortune favors the brave’, today I hit upon a mother lode of old, forgotten, but priceless memories while sifting through an old hard disk. What ensued was an hour of travelling through all the usual pit-stops on the human emotional continuum. We laughed, over some perfectly timed hilarious shots. Cried, over the pictures of the loved ones we have lost over the years. Were shocked, on encountering the pictures of a few friends that we couldn’t live without at some point in our pasts; and yet, somehow, lost touch with over the years. Wondered, over places we had forgotten we had ever visited and hairstyles we had forgotten (on, purpose I am sure), we once sported. Even displayed anger, on looking at some pictures where it seems like 40% of our current body mass had been shaved off; and resolved, for the millionth time, to do something about it. Then looked at each other and tittered over that resolution, because we know just how easily we would both forget it by tomorrow morning. It was a delightful one hour!

And that’s what I am happy about, and thankful for, today.

For the technology which lets us relive all the moments, which we have long since forgotten having lived. For the bittersweet memories hidden in old photographs; a taste that one never gets tired of. For the photographs that we take every now and then, often without even realizing, that brick by brick we are building a road to our past; one that we would often tread upon whenever the nostalgia would direct us there. And for the chance sightings of old hard disk while sorting out the cupboards.

Yes. It has been a #Happy day. And I am #Thankful for all it came with. 🙂


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