Day 1 :: #100HappyDays


For the last few weeks I have seen a spate of such posts flood my social media timelines. I love the basic premise behind it – posting about one thing, every day, that made you feel happy or grateful. It sounds rejuvenating, almost therapeutic, to our mind and souls forever battered with the self- created delusions of all that we don’t have, or are yet to attain.

I wanted to start it too, but the cynic in me hesitated. What would you possibly write about- ‘daily’? It’s not like something worth mentioning or being happy about, happens every day…And what if run out of stuff to write after a few days? Wouldn’t it be rather counter-productive… Depress me far more than it had managed to delight me?

But tonight, as I tucked my little one in, I realized how flawed that thought is. We wake up every day. Spend our days surrounded by our loved ones. Feed ourselves whatever we wish to. Accommodate rest, leisure, entertainment or socializing whenever we wish to. We live a life of abundance of choices. We live a life of adequate comforts if not more.
We live.
That is as pervasive and as simple as happiness gets. It is far more, sadly, that what billions of people have or can dream of having. And it is definitely, more than enough to be grateful for.

Today we were visited by my husband’s niece and her husband. A young newly married couple that sparkles up the room with their effervescent love and presence. And that’s what I am happy about and thankful for, today. For finding myself in the presence of love – young, fresh and ever so buoyant. For the love of family. For the joys of impromptu visits, good food and endless conversations that result from all that. For the feeling of being bumped up the family ladder – becoming one of the elders and enjoying the sweet delights of showering love and blessings on the younger ones.

Most importantly, for being reminded that happiness is self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes. It has been a good day. And I am thankful for all that it came with. 🙂


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