A lovely start.

Yesterday was a trial session for a Creative Writing and Storytelling Workshop, I intend to run for children of our township.Not only was the turnout impressive, but the session itself was so much fun and promising that even after all these hours, I am still so pumped up from it.
For a short introduction exercise, I divided the group into three sub-groups. The basic idea was that they were supposed to use their names and come up with some unique way of introducing their group to the others. The results of the activity were amazing, and corroborated a lot we know about the learning and creative process in general.
Group A – The youngest of the lot, all 8 and 10 year olds, put the meanings of their names together and came up with a story. It was a very well crafted one, all meanings used in the correct sense. Amongst the three groups, I would say their product was the strongest. Speaks volumes about the young minds and their latent creative talent.
Group B – Were a relatively older group but not the oldest. When put to the task, they came up with multiple plans. When their Plan A didn’t pan out as well as they thought it would, they did a great job with the Plan B. They put the initials of their names together and came up with and anagram of sorts – which was the name of their Team of Superheroes (sort of Avengers) True to their age, their ingenuity and spunk was impressive.
Group C – These were the oldest kids and some of them have already been writing for years and have won many awards. And therein lay the source of their ambitious streak. They decided to write a poem using their names. And although they weren’t able to finish the task in the very limited time I gave them, they kept at it! Remarkable persistence and creativity at play.
Needless to say, I am so looking forward to formally start this workshop from tomorrow.
I guess any one would, with such a wonderful bunch of kids. 🙂


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