Happy New Year!

Despite the afternoon sun, it is a nippy 15 degrees outside. Quite windy too. I suggest, rather implore, that the task be postponed. Or that we wait for our odd-job man to show up. The thing is, both MJ and Meer have barely just gotten better from a bad bout of cold.

But, the ‘Daring Duo’, literally throw caution to the sharp winter winds and get busy washing the car. (Which I still maintain, did not need a wash, in the first place :/)

Now, it needs to be put on record, that our Batman here (Mujtaba) has been requested a million times to dust our fans, or clean the storage loft or other such places where I cannot reach. But he is always too busy or too tired! And so 2015 too, has passed us by, and our soot covered fans, and our dusty lofts… Just like 2014 did, and 2013 before it, and… Well, you get the picture.

Also, let the record show, that our Robin here (Meer Daneyaal, of course!) needs to be coaxed and cajoled… and bribed… and finally threatened with ‘a whole week without cycle and playtime’ in order for him to agree to take a bath. With warm water, no less!

And yet, here they are… making time and effort… and let’s face it, making merry too, in the process. 🙂

I simply stand there, staring with my mouth agape at the Beast (that’s MJs term of endearment for his car. Yes! They may or may not have one for their wife. But they always have one for their car, I suppose). Anyway, I stand there wondering… How did she manage to get them to do that!!

Men and their machines… I guess, some loves are far stronger than others.

And looking at my fully soaked three year old, having a time of his life scrubbing off a stubborn blotch, I realize, such things, also, inevitably, run in the genes.

So here’s all of us, wishing you a Happy 2016. I hope that you too, like my two boys, manage to find the time and the will, to do what pleases you. A hyperventilating mother, an in-conducive weather or any other reason, notwithstanding.

Have a good one, folks! 😀



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