Of the many elements that I am — that I wish to be — the biggest are that of a mother, and a writer.

Life has been kind.

It has been easy to love, and if ever came to that, easy to let go, too.

It has been easy to dream, as it always is I guess, but chasing them has been fun as well.

It has been challenging, as life is wont to be, but they all taught me a thing or two.

I have many to call my own, to love and to cherish, but not too many so as to stifle my being.

I have been to places that should have felt alien, but never did.

I have met people, who weren’t anything like I am, and we still managed to find a bond. 

I have enough to feel blessed.

Yet thankfully, I do still crave more, much more; not of what I can own or possess, but what I can be, feel, think and do.

This blog is me. All me. And everything that comes with it…

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Radhika, perhaps u wd remember me as Mujtaba’s friend from NTPC Fbd. U had come to our silver anniv at Noida . Read ur article on Unchahar. I cd hear my heart throbbing in anguish as I tried to sail thro each word that u hv penned therein . My sincere thnx for bringing out d real Unchahar and what NTPC symbolises and means to thousands of her employees and millions of d beneficiary citizens if this country. Salute u Radhika@Maira. God bless u all.

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    1. Hello Sir. Of course I remember you really well Sir. We often talk about you and feel terribly bad about ma’am. Thanks for your kind words. I just had to pen down my real thoughts about Unchahar and this regrettable tragedy. I hope you and your daughters are doing well. We’ve moved to Dhaka with NTPC’s project. But I hope we get to meet you the next time we are there. Take care sir. Warmest regards from all of us.


  2. It’s really true… !
    Though I am not directly connected with the NTPC but I never felt that am outsider…. May Allah bless the place again with Love, peace and happiness all around. Ameen

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