Of the many things I am, the biggest parts are that of a mother and a writer.

Life has been kind.

It has been easy to love, and if ever came to that, easy to let go too.

It has been easy to dream, as always is I guess, but not too difficult to chase them either.

It has been challenging, as life is wont to get sometimes, but nothing that didn’t teach me a thing or two.

I have many to call my own, to love and to cherish, but not too many so as to stifle my being.

I have enough to feel blessed.

But thankfully, I do still crave enough to never stop trying.

This blog is me, all that I am, all that I think, all that I feel.

5 thoughts on “About

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  2. Amitabha Gupta

    Hi Radhika, perhaps u wd remember me as Mujtaba’s friend from NTPC Fbd. U had come to our silver anniv at Noida . Read ur article on Unchahar. I cd hear my heart throbbing in anguish as I tried to sail thro each word that u hv penned therein . My sincere thnx for bringing out d real Unchahar and what NTPC symbolises and means to thousands of her employees and millions of d beneficiary citizens if this country. Salute u Radhika@Maira. God bless u all.

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    1. Hello Sir. Of course I remember you really well Sir. We often talk about you and feel terribly bad about ma’am. Thanks for your kind words. I just had to pen down my real thoughts about Unchahar and this regrettable tragedy. I hope you and your daughters are doing well. We’ve moved to Dhaka with NTPC’s project. But I hope we get to meet you the next time we are there. Take care sir. Warmest regards from all of us.


  3. Masarrat Arshi

    It’s really true… !
    Though I am not directly connected with the NTPC but I never felt that am outsider…. May Allah bless the place again with Love, peace and happiness all around. Ameen

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